After 17 years of battling addiction I finally decided the pain and the loss was too much! My life was not working with me in charge and so I gave it up to God and the miracles began... I checked into The Retreat at Zion for treatment and spiritual recovery. I found an amazing friend and Recovery Coach in Robert Cord Beatty and with his guidance I began to hike the breathtaking canyons of Zions National Park and reconnect with God. The HIGHS I have experienced here are so much greater than the short lived artificial ones of the past. The JOY of living has returned and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. The Retreat at Zion changed my life.
It's a Great Safe place to be with Amazingly Awesome Staff if your trying to break free from the Chains of Addiction.
I have been in treatment 3 times and this time it stuck. The programs were not your typical all day group sessions. We did a lot of hiking, exercise, individual counseling mixed with a 12 step program as well. I really enjoyed my stay and program. The support of the counselors, group and individual along with the added outdoor activities in Zion National Park was exactly what I needed to have. I felt like I started living again for the first time in 10 years
I have known Robert for 20 years and he and his staff do an amazing job providing treatment for people who suffer addiction. I am so grateful that he has this business which helps save lives.
I’m writing this review because earlier this year my sons life was changed at this retreat. My son was at both end of his rope and ready to deal with his addiction. Robert and the staff were ready and willing to help him adjust and start the hardest phase of his life. It was not just a safe place to go thru detox but a place to challenge himself in physical ways. He had hardly been out of the house in 2 plus yrs. At Zion they were exposed to physical outdoor activities to test themselves. My son took every opportunity available. He started to feel self confident again. Robert was there at any time he needed him. The therapists worked hard with him to deal with problems and solutions. I truly feel that his stay there saved his life. He is home, going to meetings, has a sponsor and will always have Robert as support. Everyone there gives their ALL. I recommend Zion 100%.. I’m forever thankful !!!!
I left a previous review but Robert must have deleted it since it was unfavorable. I simply wanted to follow up on your response to my initial review where you said you were going to send me a check for your portion of the building in which you requested I complete work in. When are you planning to follow thru with that statement. 5 months after the work has been completed and I still have not received any payment. People can be asked/bribed to write positive reviews. Don’t trust Robert when it comes to verbal agreements, he’ll ask for the work to be done but not pay for it.