Retreat at Zion is a Recovery Center in Rockville, UT

Break the chains of addiction by reveling in the vastness and beauty of Zion National Park at Retreat at Zion. Located in Rockville, UT, Retreat at Zion is a recovery center that specializes in addiction treatment associated with drugs, alcohol, and PTSD. Our 12 Step program is combined with Christian based principles and is designed to treat all aspects of substance abuse. We stand out from other alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers through our variety of treatment and therapies. Not everyone heals the same, so we are equipped to provide you with options to maximize your alcohol and drug treatment. A few of the different types of therapies we offer include equine therapy, theta therapy, adventure therapy, and more! We also have therapy animals roaming about to keep you company during this difficult time.

In addition to our various therapies, we also offer drug and alcohol counseling on a one-on-one basis as well as with a group. Because your addiction doesn't only affect you, we also offer family programs to better assist you with your transition after drug and alcohol rehab and to promote positive communication between you and your family.

Here at Retreat at Zion we are focused on pain management, especially through drug and alcohol detox. We provide a positive and pain-free experience through specialized detoxification with immediate hydration and relief to any discomfort that the patient is experiencing. This is a medically assisted process meant to accelerate and desensitize the patient through the normal withdrawal symptoms.

We want you or your loved one to thrive in this life. This is a chance to diminish your addiction for good. If you are ready to take that step, contact Retreat at Zion today.

What Makes Us Proud
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Locations Served
  • Rockville, UT